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Welcome to Greytown Butchery

Greytown Butchery has transformed into a Gourmet European styled butchery since ownership of Gavin and Julie in 2006. With annual NZ sausage awards won, this long standing butchery has a history of winning awards for their famous sausages.

Established in 1873, Greytown Butchery is one of the oldest of butcherys still surviving in small towns of New Zealand.

With a vast selection of gourmet product, this speciality store has redefined the standard of butchering through the use of exceptional service, and by producing the finest of meat products. Almost a rariety to find such an array.  We pride ourselves in offering local meat and products. Free-range chicken, and local free-range pork. Organic chicken, beef and lamb. Gourmet sausages, smallgoods and condiments. Ready to cook, stir fry and casseroles. A wide range of game meat. And much much more - there's something to suit all!

Our philosophy firmly believes in satisfying our customers' good taste so thats why we aim for the highest of standards in everything we do. It is not merely a shopping trip, but an experience in some of the finest things any connoisseur could hope for; delightful flavours, our personal touch in service and, above all incomparable product quality.

So, once again, welcome to Greytown Butchery. Come on in, have a look around. We look forward to being of service to you.


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67 Main Street - Greytown

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